American Association of Colombian Engineers

The American Association of Colombian Engineers (A.A.C.E.)

is a USA not-for-profit organization founded in 2000. 

Our mission over the past 24 years has been to build a network of Colombian, and Hispanic Engineers and Architects to integrate, share, and collaborate as fellow professionals with consciousness for Earth's Natural Habitats and Ecosystems.

We partner with organizations and individuals who share our values.

We actively participate in South Florida, the USA, and Colombia.

A.A.C.E. will Celebrate OUR 25th Year Anniversary

in 2025

with Sponsors,  members, friends and SFLA partners.

Join us during 2024

as an A.A.C.E. member and participate at our 2024 events to support A.A.C.E. scholarships.

The A.A.C.E. Board of Directors thank you for 

your membership sponsorship, friendship, and participation over the past 24 years!  

We look forward to seeing you at A.A.C.E. Live events to network, build relationships, reconnect and move forward into a New Year 2024!

Jorge Acevedo    

A.A.C.E. President and Board of Directors

2020-2024 Miami,

Florida USA

 Dear A.A.C.E. Members, Companies, volunteers, students, and SFLA community.  

A.A.C.E. reminds our Members to RENEW your 2024 membership HERE. 

Please contact us via email at  or 

A.A.C.E. Social media channels

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